High Noon
Good morning my friends!

Just thought I'd write a couple words as I sit here at Beans, even though I'm about to head out here in a few minutes. Had a nice lovely morning here reading and catching up on Internet-related matters, did some random computer maintenance(I do think it's time I get a new laptop, as my hardy Vaio is really starting to feel its age at seven!) and now it's time to dash off and do my shopping for the week!

Looking forward to eventually resting at home this afternoon after a tiring week. Last night planned to go to Youth Reach with people to hang out with the kids there, but I must confess - after work had finished, I was really doubting that I had any energy left! I think that my body must have secret energy reserves though, because once I got out to Youth Reach(way out east of Houston!), I apparently had enough to play basketball for a few hours. Fantastic. I may be a tad bit sore today, but oh so worth it. Anyways, today I plan on going on my errands then going home and doing chores and then finally resting and having an easy dinner. A Red Baron's pizza is sounding super tempting right now...(along with a good salad - *of course*)

Also - for some reason I'm in the mood for homemade bread. This may or may not happen today, but I did find a very tantalising recipe online. All I need to make it apparently is flour, yeast, sugar, salt and water. Is bread really that easy? I say yes. Of course, we'll see if I'm actually successful.

Now - time to get this Saturday moving. No more coffeeshop chilling for me. Peace, my friends - peace and love!

West Intrepid
Happy Saturday!!! I'm only going to post a brief entry now(possibly write more later?), but I thought it was proper that I at least write a few words here from Beans. It's been so nice to sit here and enjoy my breakfast of mocha and banana bread. For the first time in almost a month, I'm actually spending a weekend in Houston! And so I am making the most of my time(as is proper) in the coffeehouse here. And I've actually been super productive, which makes me happy. UK taxes are now completed. For(probably!) the last time ever, my UK tax form has been submitted. Whoa.

And now, after doing the rest of my various online errands/bill-paying(on this ancient and decrepit Vaio that has served me well for many years...but I am sensing its time is near. I really really need to start researching new laptop possibilities), I'm just enjoying spending a few minutes here at the coffeeshop with the buzz of conversation around me and the beat of music in the air. I have been meaning to write some philosophical musings lately, but I fear work has sapped most of my energy lately, and so my writings have been void of any substantial discussion. I also have been wanting to write a post on my changing musical taste, but maybe later this afternoon!

Now, my feet are starting to itch. Going to hit up Target and get some shopping done then probably head home to do some cleaning. Such a typical Saturday. So now I roll out. Have a most delightful day, my friends!!

Valley Falls
Good evening, one and all!! Once again, I write on a Monday evening as my dinner bakes in the oven. And so once again, I don't have long to write. But I thought I'd put down a few words, because a few are better than none, are they not? Not necessarily of course, because if the few words lack purpose, no words may actually be preferable. But now as I write myself into some sort of convoluted knot, it may be best if I stop prefacing my few words and actually write them. Ahem.

This evening I am quite tired, but it is that good kind of weariness. That weariness of flesh and bones that bespeak a good and wonderful past few days. Because these past few days, I spent in Florida with most dear friends! On July 4th, I flew in to Tampa. After renting a car and having a most awesome roast beef hash lunch with Dad, I drove up to Gainesville. Gainesville, where I spent four years of my life, yet so little time since. And so I had decided it was time for a proper time with people in Gainesville - and so it was. I stayed with Rob and Laurie - who else?! - and we had a time of excellence indeed. We talked and laughed and ate and talked and drank mugs of delicious coffee and talked and played some epic board games and talked yet some more. And of course, more awesome things took place than I can describe at the moment(awesome fun with Lebos! Lunch and sweetness with Maryanne!! Maryanne made her speciality lunch of fresh mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwiches. And we got to sit and eat and be together. And it was marvelous. Disc golf with Deanna! Reunions and worship at Creekside!! Perfect dinner of Ledo's pizza with Mom and Dad!! And of course, little sleep was had this whole weekend. Yet, while I am now quite weary in my flesh, my spirit and my soul are refreshed. Just being with so many people who love me and love God. Being surrounded by those whom God has blessed me in this life. Being reminded of the goodness of my Lord. How can I ever doubt? Never. Never. And so now as I really must end this before I over-cook my dinner, I simply want to say one more thing. I have been given much. I have been given everything.

Now my friends - farewell! I love you all so - grace and peace.

Happy Monday, my friends!! I'm about to eat a delicious lasagna dinner with a bit of salad on the side - but thought I'd just state that time in Boston with the gang was truly awesome. Much fun was had - walking through the old cobbled streets, exploring the city where the American Revolution was born...biking along the coast of Cape Cod...playing games and being goofy and laughing almost too much!...but mostly, just enjoying all being together. Maryanne, Laura, Megan, Robbie...you are awesome, my friends.

Now, I'm going to start in on my dinner. Peace, one and all!

Good evening! I don't usually post my handwritten poems, but well. In a rare pensive yet sharing mood and so here you go. Tread soft and listen close. And have a most lovely night, my dear friends. Always.

Haunting cries
the star,
echoing the song
of a final
wistful soul.
Upon the withered
a fruit hangs
for a drop
of rain.
And near atop
the moor
a boy runs his hand
across the thistles
and aching with
the beauty all,
haunting cries.

Stone of the Philosopher
Not going to write much tonight, but was just reminded that I haven't written in a while...so I suppose I'll put down a few words! I'm just enjoying some delicious (fresh-ground) coffee with strawberries on the side. Winning combination, I have to say. Soon, I'm going to get dinner ready(cucumber/tomato/green-onion salad yes), but now - have just been doing some trip planning. Because...less than a week from now, me, Maryanne, Laura, Megan and Robbie will be having a sweet adventure up in Boston!! It's going to be pretty awesome exploring new territory and experiencing some epic American history...but the best part will be hanging out with some pretty awesome people. Y'know.

And now I say it's dinner time. Have a most delightful evening, my friends!!

Scorched Clay
Good morning! I thought that - shockingly - I'd post another quick entry while I'm here at Beans. Enjoying my mocha and apple bread right now, as I also keep track of current French Open women's final(Sharapova's up 3-2 in final set...go Maria!!). Read a few sweet Psalms already...only planned to read two, then I read another by accident. Oops. But I like Psalm 147 a lot, so I can just read it tomorrow too! Soon I really need to start prepping for community group on Tuesday(John 11!! One of my fav chapters), but for now, I'm just enjoying a calm and restful Saturday morning.

This afternoon, plan on going to Chase's place for some Spades action(with Donnie and Sarah - we should have some epic games!) and later on, probably going to do some errands and then some more planning for Boston weekend with sisters. Less than two weeks away!!

Now, back to enjoying my morning coffee. Peace, my friends - have a glorious Saturday!!